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We Buy & Sell

Surplus Inventory

We have over 25 years of experience in the clearance industry. Our team will work with you to place your excess stock in a way that protects your brand and doesn't affect your regular client base. We understand that your brand needs to be protected.


We purchase a diverse range of products, including:

Food & Drink, clothing, health & beauty, toys/games, books, hardware & tools, homewares, electrical, gifts, and more.

This inventory can be categorised as overstocked products, older lines, short-dated goods or any slow-moving redundant inventory.


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Our Buying Process

Tell us about your Stock

Send Us some information about the products you are looking to move & we'll let you know if it's something we can buy.

Agree on a Price

Asureing that both parties are satisfied we'll agree on a price that allows us to effectivly sell your stock.

Offer to our Buyers

We will then offer out your stock to our customers across Australia & Overseas to try find a buyer.

Payment + Delivery

We pay you for your stock Upfront and can Organise freight or utilize your freight partners.

For Sellers

Our customer base spans all over Australia as well as overseas and is made up of discount store chains, variety stores and discount supermarkets, online sellers, wholesalers and overseas clients. Our wide reach of sellers allows us to have a high sell-through rate for your slow-moving inventory. 


Not only will you free up valuable storage space, but you'll also boost your bottom line by generating additional revenue. 


We arrange for pickup or shipping anywhere in Australia, focusing on larger volumes such as multiple pallets, truckloads, and container lots.


25+ Years of experience in
the industry

For Buyers


We work with some of the biggest and most trusted brands in the world to sell their excess inventory, They are prepared to cut their normal prices to clear this stock, this is where you can win. 


We deal in a wide variety of products, covering all facets of retail.

Whether you are a local discount store or a large retail chain, The Secret Sale can accommodate your needs. Our prices range from 50%-90% of the normal Wholesale price giving you the ability to be the cheapest amongst your competitors and giving you higher margins to work with.

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